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16 Wishes the movie

Best Friends Forever

Hello.  My name is Jay Kepler and I'm writing this blog for extra credit in English Composition.  Mrs. Hackle, my English teacher, always says write what you know, so I guess I'll just write about my not very exciting life.

Or I can write about Abby Jensen.

Everybody thinks we're dating or something because we hang out together all the time, but we're just friends.  Really.  I have no additional feelings for Abby besides friendship.  Nada.  None.  Nyet.

Abby's 16th Birthday is coming up soon and it's such a big deal to her, the pressure is really on to find a gift that lives up to the occasion.  Do you know what would happen if I got the wrong gift?  Have you ever seen one of those movies where the earth is being destroyed by aliens or volcanoes or too much plastic being tossed into the landfills and life as we know it ceases to exist?  It would be like that.  Only with more tears.

If you're reading this and you have any good ideas, I'd love to hear them because I have to get her the perfect gift.  Because Abby & I are just friends.  And only friends.



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  1. One hug, it’s the most beautiful gift!

  2. or give her a dog maybe she likes puppy’s

  3. Your friendship. Let’s say a VERY magical thing happens. And your friendship ceases to exist. Give it back to her…it’ll be better than any wish come true. <3 And it's obvious that you care for her…even if you're "just friends" ;)

  4. just give her something she will never forget

  5. I know!! Admit you like her!! She’ll love it ;)

  6. give her a bff necklace thats engraved. that or a cupcake. everyone likes cupcakes

  7. hey u SOOOO HOT and you guys make a good pair

  8. Give her something other than her party that she dosent stop talking about:)

  9. you soooooooooo like abby

  10. I think you should get her a… really nice present like a necklace.

  11. #1 tell her shes the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen give her one red rose. then ask her out #2 the setting should be in the park at night =D

  12. Tell her to have the best birthday ever and give her a kiss. Admit it-you like Abby Jensen!

  13. I am not gonna bug you about you “liking abby jensen” like those kids. CAUSE IF THEY READ YOUR POST THEY WOULD KNOW THAT YOU DON’T LIKE HER. So, apparently they didn’t read your post.Well you can like a friend. friend-wise. not like -like you know. YOU SHOULD GET HER A HEART SHAPED BFF NECKLACE AND INGRAVE HAPPY 16TH BIRTHDAY ABBY LOVE JAY. READ MY COMMENT AND YOU WILL KNOW.

  14. hi debby acctor in 16 wishes.hope it dose not happen in real life.

  15. yeah lets hope it doesnt come true x !

    fingers crossed

    i need to watch the film havent heard of it before xxxxxx

    has anyone seen it yet ????????

    love charlotte xxxxx

  16. hola abbie yo no hablo ingles pero espero que tu lo sepas hablar queria decirte que tu pelicula me encanto me la beo cada q da en dizney chanel te quiero mucho abbie sigue asi

  17. hello abbie mi neame is catherine and you fan namber 1 love

  18. hi my name is daiyalan rungasamy i like the first film you ever made its the best film i ever watch in my life i wish i could meet you were u live

  19. hey she’s gonna love anything you give her becuse YOU gave her
    GOOD LUCK!!!

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