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16 Wishes the movie

Dream Dress Giveaway

Upload a response video to the "Meet Abby and Jay" YouTube video on the 16WishestheMovie channel (http://www.youtube.com/16wishesthemovie) about why your wardrobe NEEDS Abby's actual dream dress from the movie!

International submissions are encouraged!                                     The Dream Dress Giveaway has been extended until Friday May 28th, so make your videos creative, cool, and captivating...that's one great dress!

**Congratulations on winning the dress, Austen!  We hope you love it as much as Abby did!**

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  1. this is so awesome, but i haven’t seen the movie yet :(

  2. Awesum…except for the fact tht I wouldnt how to send in my vid if I made one. Due to the fact tht I’m HORRIBLE with technology. LOL

  3. the dress is so beautiful! I entered :)

  4. The movie is not out yet so how are we supose to do it

  5. Beautiful dress and cute Debby!
    I can’t wait for seen this!!

  6. Please follow this link (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGiBwutgnko) and post your submission video as a response–if you have any other questions, feel free to ask :)

  7. OMG DebbY u look awesome in this dress !! I’m wanna win this dress to send it to u as a gift in ur 18th birthday my princess !!:D

  8. Debby or Abby i wanna ask you a question : on your facebook page you talked about limited edition 16 Wishes bracelets ! but u didn’t say how we could win a bracelet !! hope u’ll tell us how to win them !!

  9. Hey Abby ! i just want to ask you about the bracelets ! u didn’t mentioned the way to win a bracelet !! :) Hope u have time to tell me what is the way !

  10. Hey Abby. I was wondering how you are going to announce the winner for the contest? Will the winner get a youtube message? or will it be posted here?

  11. okay, my entry is I really want to won the dress for my upcomming birthday! mayb I can use the dress for my birthday

  12. i really want a t shirt of 16 wishes

  13. i want a t-shit too:)

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