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16 Wishes the movie

Magical Beings Have to Eat

The life of a magical being isn't all glass slippers and yellow brick roads.  True, we don't have to contend with transportation issues, like freeway gridlock.  Being able to just flutter your eyelashes and show up on the other side of town is very helpful when you've got a tight schedule to keep.

Maybe I should explain something about who I am.  I'm part of a whole class of magical beings:  godmothers, genies, guardian angels, fairies of every color & creed.

Some of us are famous, like that ball gown wearing diva Glinda, and others prefer to stay anonymous.  Some have wings, some live in bottles, some use a wand, others have a signature wink or blink that sets their magic in motion.

I take a more simple approach and it all starts with a List.  There's just something so compelling about a person wanting something so badly, she writes it down.

Telling someone -- even a piece of paper or a blog -- what you want is the first step toward having your wish come true.

Come on.  Tell me just one wish.

Gotta run!


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  1. I wish to meet Jean-Luc, aaaaah but some wish / dream are sometimes impossible =(

  2. Gotta say, that is actually quite original. I like it :)

  3. I wish to go to Germany so I can meet a special friend I met online few months ago!!! He is like a brother to me!!! :D

  4. my biggest dream is to be on the Disney Channel, I have it written down and I see it every morning right as I wake up!!

  5. I totally wish to win the dress contest! That would be a dream come true…I’d also love to become a writer someday, writers are alot like you magical beings, you know. We make the impossible become possible, and you agree: the written word is VERY powerful. I also wish that wherever we move, we’ll have many opportunities and make tons of new friends. <3

    Keep up the hard work, you're much appreciated! ;) Glinda has nothing on you!

  6. I wish to meet Debby Ryan and Justin Bieber! OR be on a show like Debby.

  7. I just want one wish.I wish i was a wizard so if i mess things up i can refix them

  8. Here’s a list:
    1. I wish I had the cutest clothes in school
    2. I wish I could meet Sterling Knight
    3. I wish I was popular
    4. I wish for world peace
    5. I wish for pizza from the Olive Garden restaurant
    Please make them come true!!!

  9. one wish?
    1. i wish i could fly

  10. I wish I was an actress.
    If that couldn’t happen, I wish I had the cutest clothes in school!
    I love pizza too! And I absolutely LOVED the movie “16 Wishes”

  11. I wish I could become a doctor and know everything there is to know about chemistry and physics and neuro-science and someday operate on a brain.

    That’s a realistic wish, Celeste…it will come true because I will MAKE it come true ♥

    ♥ you and the movie

  12. One wish i have, hmmmmn… okay here is one

    1.I will meet the Jonas Brothers. because i really love them! you can make it happen somehow, can’t you? ;) please i will type as many pleases you ask for if i get my wish after them.:)

  13. :(
    take me to paris where jean-luc and debby will be there

  14. Hi Celeste. Here are my 16 Wishes. 1. I will win every contest I enter. 2. I will be able to go to Disney World. 3. I will get free braces. 4. My teeth will be white. 5. I will be able to decorate my room the way I want. 6. I will get a car. 7. I will fall in love. 8. I will have lots of activities to do. 9. I will be able to be invisible. 10. I will be nicer. I don’t have anything else. Maybe I’ll think of some.


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