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16 Wishes the movie

I <3 Logan Buchanan!

I've decided to make an addition to the dictionary.  I'm pasting a pic of Logan Buchanan next to the word "dreamy."  And "perfect."  And "hot."  And maybe  "blathering idiot" because that's what I turn into every time I see him.

Logan Buchanan is the finest male human I have ever laid eyes on.  I've been totally crushing on him ever since sixth grade when my mom made me take saxophone lessons.  Do you know how heavy those things are?  The case alone weighed more than I did!  So it was inevitable that I'd be lugging that behemoth to the band room (which, insanely, is in the basement of our school) and trip and fall and land right on top of Logan.

I chipped a tooth and looked so ridiculous I pretended to be sick so I could stay home for three days.  I finally wore my dad down with a barrage of begging and tears so he'd pay to have the dentist fix it.  When I came back to school with my shiny new tooth, Logan actually noticed.

I stopped playing the saxophone.

I never stopped loving Logan Buchanan.

I think I'll make him one of my 16 Wishes.

Love you!

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  1. hi ijust want to say debby your a beautiful girl with such a sweet heart and im one of your biggest fans your my inspertion!!! the reason why i think you got this part in the movie (aka,main character) was because you deserv it . you have such a great personalaty and i think you should take it and just through it at the world!!!!! (not literally thats just an expression wich means you should show everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love you with my hear debby<3,love addison leeeem

  2. super nice, I wish I could thin like that:D

  3. Sorry the last one didn’t turn out right:D I think that you are super awesome. I bet one of your 16 Wishes will be about him! I hope you have the courage to tell him, @Kskuhar

  4. Logan buchana Is adorable Abby Is My sister And i love her!!!

    Love You!

    Sara :D

  5. Hi abby j. You are a bad girl for lighting candles at school

  6. logan buchana is so cute, i wish that on my 16 birthday that would happen to me wishes come true
    love you!

  7. dose anyone o if she writs back ?

  8. and abby i will have your wish list

  9. what is the name of logan buchanan??? oficial

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