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16 Wishes the movie

Yellow, My Love

Dear Blog,

I love the color yellow.  It's such a sunny, happy color.  It's the color my whole world would be without Abby Jensen in it.

For my 12th birthday, my mom let me decorate my room the way I wanted it.  (Abby was sooooo jealous!   Score one for me!)  My new bed had a big yellow canopy over it and all the pillows and everything were covered in yellow flowers.

When I wake up in my wonderful yellow bed in the morning, for just a moment I forget that I'm going to have to see Abby Jensen that day and I smile.  Then I hear her annoyingly cheerful voice coming from her driveway across the street and my smile drops.   It's instantaneous!  I can't help it!  Just knowing I'm going to have to occupy the same school district with her makes me suddenly feel like I did when I was 8 and my double scoop of lemon chiffon ice cream fell into a mud puddle.

I wish Abby Jensen would move.  To Iceland.


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  1. So I’ve been dying to know…why do you hate Abby so much? I know girls like you…and the color yellow doesn’t exactly fit their personality. Yours either. But maybe the fact that it’s your favorite color is a step in the right direction? haha. I’d like to believe you’re a good person. Deep, deep down ;)

    (this is so much fun!!! thanks to whoever writes these blogs, its great! When the premiere comes, I’ll feel like I’ve already met the characters. Such a unique way to advertise and get people excited. There sure are some creative minds behind this movie!)

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