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16 Wishes the movie

A Jay for Everyone

**Congratulations Jodie, you will be getting your 2 Jac Vanek bracelets shortly!  Thank you to all who wrote in and told us about your best friends, it was so tough to choose!**

It's rare to find a friend like Jay, but when you can, it's something to be truly cherished. Is there a Jay in your life? Tell us about him (or her)! Keep it short or tell us everything (ok...maybe not EVERYTHING everything), and you can both win a limited edition 16 Wishes bracelet by Jac Vanek. Respond to this post and you're entered to win!

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  1. Jay is JUST like my bff Lara Parsons! She is always there when I need her and she can be a little hard headed at times but our friendship has never failed. We don’t hardly have any fights and if we do its over in 5 seconds because we love each other like sisters! That is my “Jay” in my life.

  2. My ‘jay’ would have to be my friend Megan! We have so much in common and we can talk about anything. We always talk on AIM! Follow us @love_86_pink and @ xfearlessx We are going to Cali in the winter and a pair of matching Jac bracelets would be perfect lol


  3. I find my “Jay” and he’s awesoooooooome ! We met, two years ago, in front of Miley’s hotel in Paris! When it was over, we left separately… Really sad because i thought it was the end. But it wasn’t ! And i think we were meant to be bf because i find him on facebook, and it was just the beginning of a long-cute-adorable-funny-perfect friendship ! :)

  4. It’s rare to find a good friend.. a true friend. When everything is good you’ll have lots of people around, enjoying every moment with you.. ! But when things start to go all wrong the only one there it’s your true friend. Everyone else will just go away or pretend they just don’t wanna bother you. In my case the only who is still believing in me in this hard time of my life is Camila. She’s the best friend you could desire.
    We know since kindergarden and we have never stop supporting each other. I love her!… I admire her…! .. I can’t live without her!

  5. Oh and his name is “Lucas” ! Cute, isn’t it?

  6. Dear Abby,

    Isn’t it amazing how wonderful friends can be? Fortunately I to have someone who is a friend to me like Jay is to you. Her name is Rose. I met her when I was in kindergarten and she asked me if I wanted to go swing on the swing set with her. We’ve been best friends ever since! Rose is a girl who’s always there for me (even when I do something silly or embarassing). She’s the type of girl who can make my heart race with just one smile, and make me laugh when noone else can. Rose isn’t my girlfriend; however, she is my best friend. We often stay up all night texting, chatting, talking, laughing, and just enjoying every moment we are together! Everyone tells me how lucky I am to have found a friend whom I can trust completely, and who trusts me completely. I wouldn’t trade her for anything in the world! Not even 16 wishes! That’s how I know what a great friend she is. I hope you and Jay have that type of friendship, because friendship is what makes life worth living! As some famous old dead guy said: “Friends are the family you choose”. Anyway, I have to go, Rose is here and we are going out for sushi! Talk to you later!


    Blake Snyder

  7. Probably my best friend is one of my schoolmates. Her name is stacy and we have known each other since we were 8 years old.

    It seems like she and I are always talking or laughing about something. She has a very nice personality and a wonderful sense of humor but she can also get a little depressed from time to time. I can always count on her to be honest and to give me the best advice.

    We are interested in many of the same hobbies. We both enjoy music, playing the guitar and singing. We like going to the cinema but sometimes can’t agree on which movie to see. Sometimes we just walk around, trying to find a new area of the city to explore. We both like traveling, reading, and swimming. Whatever we’re doing, it’s always fun

    I know I can rely on her. Even when our lives get busy we still make time to see each other. I can’t imagine going to school and not having her there. Since I am better in math and science and she is better in English and languages, we can always help each other if we get confused about a difficult homework assignment. We are lucky that we complement each other so well and that we get along so well. I hope that our friendship will continue and be just as strong after we graduate from high school. We would like to study at the same university.

  8. My “jay” would have to be my friend “Shannon”. We’ve got so much in common, and talk all the time! Were going to CA in the winter, and having a pair of matching Jac Vanek bracelets would just make everything better! Follow us on twitter @xfearlessx && @love_86_pink !

  9. Hi! My girl Jay is my cousin Kerrie! We play together ALL THE TIME and we tell each other EVERYTHING! I am so lucky to have her and I don’t know what I would do without her! We laugh over nothing together and we feel each others pain! Hope we win the contest! Buh bye

  10. My best friend is like my sister. We grew up together no one can keep us a part. I will admit we do have are fair share of fights with each other but with in a minute we are talking to each other again.
    We do everthing together. My best friend is my Cousin but I don’t care she is still my best friend. No one could ever break up are friendship. I love my best friend. We are so much a like. She is only 5 months older than me. So we are always with each other. I think I might want to stop here or I will keep going for days.

  11. I sort of have a friend like Jay. We just met this year and we’re always talking and joking aound and he said he’ll alwas be there for me and makes sure i never feel sad. Funny thing is his name is Ray. (:

  12. The person who is like jay to me is my bestest friend erika she lives very far from where i live because i go back and forth from here and there and we still manage To keep our friendship and i think the most important part of friendship is honesty and trust i can always count on her and im very
    blessed to have her in my
    life. -Shamila Twitter:@shamilastyle

  13. I have a friend named Jared (name changed), he is so kind to me! He is such a gentleman. He holds doors, makes me laugh, and we go to the mall a lot. We both enjoy picking out things for eachother to try on. We have had so many laughs, and so many inside jokes, its not funny. We enjoy eachother’s company and hang out all the time. This summer we are planning to go swimming a lot, and to the mall a lot. We dated once but we found it too awkward. Although, we both admitted we both still have feelings for eachother, but would prefer to stay friends for a while. He is such a sweetie, old-fashioned gentlemen. Not many of those around, he is special, (not to mention, really cute, and smart)!

  14. My “Jay” would have to be my friend Allie! She is so truthful and she is helpful with boy stuff! Lol!
    Her and I have the best time! She is like my sister! We know EVERYTHING about eachother! She is the best friend I could ever ask for!

    Whenever she and I get together, we have a BALL! All of the people around are like…. “Uh, What are those kids doing??” Lol!! She is amazing!! We are like Lucy and Ethel! But, we have never worked in a chocolate factory before!!

    Even though she is crazzzzzy, I love her!!

  15. J- just like jay
    A- Alisha is awesome :)
    Y- anytime i need her, she’ll be there! :)

  16. My “Jay” is a boy I met about 3 years ago. In the beginning, I had such a crush on him but when I revealed this, he told me we’d be better off as friends. I was pretty upset to start with but then I realised the importance of friendships. I may not be his dream girl but we’re always there to give each other advice, we often run out of credit because of how much we text each other and most importantly, we know exactly what the other is feeling even when we don’t say a word.

  17. My best friend is named Victoria. I’ve known her since 2nd grade and now we’re about to be ninth grade. We’ve been best friends ever since then! She’s always there for me, and she can always cheer me up when there’s a frown on my face. If there’s a problem I have I can always go to her for help. Even though we sometimes argue, we always make up and stay friends. Or should I say best buddies since that’s what we call each other. We can talk on the phone for many hours. One time we talked for soo long that I fell asleep and when I woke up in the morning my phone was still connected to hers!! lol. We even have our own webshow [video blog]. I’m soo happy God has blessed me with a best buddy like her!! :D

  18. Well, I really do have some Jays in my life. They’re all girls, but they’re all part of my heart. Sure. I love them so much. It’s a good friendship. Sometimes we don’t want to see each other, but then we make up. I’m always there when they need me and the same happens when I need them. But I think the most important friend is, with sure, my mom. She supports me when I’m stressed, when I’m feeling bad, when I’m excessive happy, when I’m angry, when I’m anxious, etc. She gives me the liberty to be who I am. I can open my heart with her without any problems. It’s a little hard to open up with friends. My mom understands me. And I like it. She’s everything to me. I can’t survive without her on my side. She’s my guiding star. That’s why she’s my favorite Jay. Mom is like an angel. That is always protecting her son/daughter. Taking care of him/her 24 hours per day. I LOVE mine. Truly! <3

  19. My best frined is lilly we live right next to each other.We have been best frinends forever in kindgerting even thought we fight sometimes i know we will always make up!I do not stand up for myself but i can stand up for her!we will be best friends even in collage!bffs fovever and ever!she does a lot of nice things for me so this is why i am doing this to show my apptation for her!bff fovever lilly! fingers crossed i win! Good luck everyone! `~similes =3

  20. My ‘Jay’ would be my BFF Marta. She’s so awesome. We live so far from each other, but we get to meet as soon as possible. I have lived one of my dreams with her and I try to phone her whenever I can (not everyday, we have to study a lot and it’s way too difficult).
    I can always trust her and she knows she can always trust me.
    I’m so blessed to be BFFs with her, she’s one of the most important things in my life.

  21. Dear Abby,
    My best friends name is Caitlin! She is everything a girl could ask for!! She is pretty funny sweet and I can trust her with ANYTHING!!! I would go to the ends of the earth with this girl!!!

  22. Dear Debby :)
    You’re an amazing person!
    Just like the person in my life where I’m gonna tell you about.
    My Jay is my older sister!
    I can’t really describe how wonderful she is but I can say these amazing things about her:
    she makes me laugh, she’s always there for me.
    She’s my best friend,
    the little things she does for me make me so happy :)
    Sometimes in the morning she wakes me up by tickling me,
    those little things make me laugh :)
    I treasure all my memories I have with her.
    On holiday, home, everywhere.
    I’m blessed to have someone like her as my sister :)
    With love,
    from Belgium (l)

  23. I do have a Jay in my life actually, I met her in the fourth grade. Her name is Amyra and since then, we’ve been kinda inseparable. I have a lot of Jay’s in my life, and well, all the Jay’s are there for me. But the three main Jay’s who are there for me would probably be Amyra, Qinthara and Tasia.

    We’re complete opposites from one another, but we eventually learned how to like each other. Ever since the fourth grade, well as I said before we’ve been inseparable. I shared my experiences with them and they’re always with me when I experience it. Like that moment when we were about to get my wallet, me and Qinthara were going upstairs but then the lift started to shake and we were eventually trapped, I ran around the lift and hugged Qinthara like, the lights went off and we were super scared, and during that, she was there to experience it with me, and then when the door opened we ran to the cafeteria.. But, the point is no one would I want to be stuck in a lift with other then Qinthara.

    Now, the other Jay also known as Amyra. Wow, like I literally love this girl to death. She’s the most funniest, hyper-active-est and weirdest friend I ever known. Like when I met her I was all like “Could this be my twin?” like literally, same hobbies, same taste in music, same style like, I went all “HAI BFF, HAI.” anyways, she’s my best friends and I just met her on the fourth grade, I go everywhere with her, well, almost everywhere. To concerts, to watch movies, sleepovers, and basically I tell her everything. She can keep a secret, and I always come to her first if I need someone to talk to. Even though she talks a lot and likes to dance and go all crazy, she’s literally not that crazy. I was there for her when the principal yelled at her and she was there for me when I cried.. I should stop talking about that now, I guess.

    And last but not least, Tasia. We’re not that much of opposites but I love her to death as well, even though when she can get al violent at times and that scares me, but hey, we’re both violent! Tasia helps me to get through a lot of things, my studies, parents, problems, man this girl is amazing I tell you. She’s a great friend. She’s also like my sister, I feel like she’s my sister, I’m always around her and she’s always around me. We hang out a lot like in school, I go up to her every time. She’s a really great friend and she’s always there for me, like almost everyday. We keep talking to each other and I remember the time that I was absent I kept talking about her and went all “I don’t have a friend now!” and I continued to say that.

    I love them all, three of them to death, they’re just amazing, I’m grateful that they’re in my life. So if they walk out of my life, well let’s just say that my life would suck. So much.

  24. Yes, I have a ‘Jay’ in my life.
    But my best friend can’t really be compared against Jay, because she is unique and VERY special!

    We have known each other since we were 3 years old and we are now 14! That’s along time, so we know each other really well! We see each other everyday at school, as we are in all the same classes and we live about a one minute walk from each other!

    I know, if I ever have a problem I can go to my best friend. We’ve gotten through the highs and lows in life TOGETHER!

    We never ever fight, even though we are just like sisters. We say, we are sisters is disguise :P

    We would really like friendship bracelets and we have found out about the 16 Wishes Jac Vanek bracelets and we think they would be amazing friendship bracelets!
    We both love Jac and Debby Ryan etc!

    I would really like to repay her for everything she has done for me. And winning these bracelets would be the best thing ever!
    They are limited edition and we think, our friendship isn’t common, because of how close we are!

    So really, our friendship is limited edition and these bracelets would match us great!

    Our friendship means the world to me, and if I ever loose her, I don’t think I could actually live!


  25. Hey there Abby, my Jay, or Bff is Noelle Alexander. We met because of my brothers, and a dog named Sam. My brothers were raking a lawn that was across from Noelle’s house. I kept copying Noelle and i was to scared to go and talk to her. She is really shy and was to scared to ask me to play. So her mom told her to let the Sam off the leash. When she let the Sam off the leash, Sam ran across the street to me. Noelle and her mom came across the street to get Sam, Noelle’s mom asked if i wanted to play. Noelle and I have been BFFs for 5 years now, we’re like sisters. All because of Sam.

  26. My Jay would be my best friend Terri,right now my life is ruled by panic attacks(not fun) and she’s the only one who’s stuck by me the whole time,she comes up for me and we go out(even though I can’t go to far) and she fills me in on everything I’ve missed,she talks to me on msn a whole lot and is a great friend in general.

    The funny thing is she used to be my mortal enemy,she was out to get me.
    We hated each other,but now she’s my bff :D

    She’s loud(VERY loud),a HORRIFIC singer and eats about a ton of food a day(but is thin as a stick).
    She’s super fun and can always make you laugh,she will phone you when your upset and is just always there for you.

    I don’t mind to much if I win a bracelet but I just wanted to let everyone to know about my Jay,lol.

    P.S. Super exited for 16 wishes :D

  27. I think our friendship came from, surprisingly, history class, which we both share a (not so) secret love of. He’s there for me when I need him (like when he stayed up texting me ’til 2 in the morning on a school night when I got my tonsils out), he talks with me for hours about stuff, even if he cant understand it (like guy troubles :P ), he calms me down when I’m scared/worried/angry (before exams especially), he is always able to make me laugh, he loves tea as much as I do, even if he takes it with way less milk than me, but most importantly he shares me absolute love of Harry Potter. ;)
    I trust him completely, and I hope he can trust me. I go to him with my problems and he comes to me with his. I love him to pieces. I can’t even think about what I would do without him.
    So that sums up our relationship, and yet its not really everything. I cant put into words how much he means to me, and how lost I would be without him.
    He’s my Jay ;)

  28. Well I HAVE THIS 1 TOTAL AWESOME BFF!!!! Her and me well its,like you can’t describe it. Its so peaceful and warming and loving when were together . It’s like MAGIC starts to float in when we’re together . everyone else is block out and it’s just me and her . Im sooooooooooo lucky to have a friend like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. I definitely have a Jay! My best friend’s name is Stephen. We’ve been best friends since the end of 7th grade (About… 3-4 years.), and we plan on being friends longer.

    We both absolutely adore Disney and Disneyland. If there’s something new about either, we can talk about it for a long time, saying how exciting it is, and acting like dorks along the way. We also both love video games. But he loves Tomb Raider, and I love Kingdom Hearts. But we love each game anyways because one makes the other play one of the games.

    We also love having sleepovers. Yes, I know, a guy spending the night at my house is probably wrong, but not to us. We have so much fun when that happens. We play Band Hero, draw, stay up all night, etc. Most of the time it’s never boring because we can always think of something fun to do.

    Though we have tried dating before, we’re still very, very close. Stephen is like the brother I never had. But if I had to choose a best guy friend who would be like a brother, it will ALWAYS be him. I love him (As a best friend of course!), and I KNOW we’ll stay best friends forever.

  30. Dear Abby,

    The “Jay” in my life is my sister. Although it might be weird to think of your sister as your best friend, it’s true. We tell each other about everything, our likes, dislikes, friends, enemies, etc. No matter what happens, I know my little sis will always be there for me.

    Personality wise, we’re almost complete opposites. She is very quite and reserved, and I’m very outgoing and demanding. While she will patiently wait for what she wants, I go out there and get it. If someone tells her she can’t or shouldn’t do something, she doesn’t do it, but if someone tells me that, I’ll say “so what, I’m going to prove you wrong” and do it (and often get into a heap of trouble because of that, lol).

    Things are awfully, well, how do I put this, interesting i our house with a bunch of screaming girls running around. We’re certainly not a normal family, and neither is my sister. While she’s so shy in public, she’s a chatter box at home. She’s submissive to her friends, but stands up for herself when she’s around me. She never fails to surprise me, she truly is unique.

    <3 a bunch

  31. Hi Abby! My Jay would be my best friend that i have had since pre school. When we met we were instant friends. We hardly ever fight and when we do we always get through it. We’re always there for each other when ever we need it. In school I don’t have any classes with her besides lunch but we hang out all the time on the weekends. We have so much fun together. We actually both LOVE Jac Vanek bracelets so it would be great to win them. We each have 10 and we wear them over to each others houses. Thats one thing that we bond with. I know that we will really be best friends forever.

  32. My Jay is special to me. My bestfriend is Ryan. Weve been bestfriends since 5th grade! He’s always there for me even when times get tough. He helps calm me down when I’m afraid or nervous. He has a great sense of humor when it comes to school work and he always finds away to make me laugh when times are tough. He tells me everything and even though its mostly guy trouble i always find away to help out. I ♥ him like a brother and every time were together i feel like it was fate that brought us together. We have nothing in common but we still get along great. He’s had this secret crush on me since 5th grade and I always laugh when his friends keep on telling me. We both love to embarrass each other and play practical jokes on each other. Ryan cares for me and is truly my bestfriend. I hope we will always be bestfriends!!! Be my bff!!! I ♥ U RYAN!!!

  33. My “Jay” would be my best guy friend Alex. He’s 17, a year older than me, but still in the same grade. He’s like my big brother that I never had but can tell anything to. He watches out for me and gives great advice, especially when it’s guy related. He’s funny and a great friend to have. I don’t know what I would do without Alex!(:

  34. My “Jay” would be my bestfriend Mary. No matter what no matter what time i need her she’s there. Me and her have only been friends for two years. But were more than friends were sisters. I use to be really shy and now because of her I’m not. I’m more outgoing. And i have more friends than last year. We pretty much do everything together we play sports together and we like all the same things. She brings out the best in me and other people. I’m so glad that we met. She’s just amazing. (:. And that’s why she’s my Jay.

  35. The Jay in my life is my best friend Tammara, we have only known each other 3 years, but it feels longer.
    We totally understand each other and shes always there for me. We are really random, shes knows me and i know her, We”re like twin sisters, without the fights lol :)

  36. dear Abby,
    Jay is like my bff Alanna i can tell you so much about her shes a company angel she acompanies me in hard times she is my poetry my best inspiration everytime i hang out with her i feel protected i know her since 1st grade shes so great i wish you could be part of the fun with me and her shes funny, supporting and most importantly loving i love her so much love you Alanna one time i wanted to do something so we were in music class then when we got out i went with her and her mom to punto verde an energy saving eco park and water park we made tiny sculptures i made a funny looking pizza and she made a peace sign if i win i would appreciate it because i have never won anything and when i wrote this about my bff i got emotional and started crying and thinking of the great times we have together i love my bff so much i hope you pick me i have never ever won anything and i really do love my bff Alanita shes the best ily :)

  37. abby screw you i cant believe you choose jodie i am crying cause i poured my heart out about my “jay” alanna i feel so sad i have a handicapped sister shes getting operated i have never won anything in the world and i began to admire i poured myself out i cannot believe you.

  38. Jay is like the best friend Abby ever had. I love his character he is so cute and it’s so romantic at the end of the movie when Abby and Jay dance together and also Jay actually gave Abby the most perfect necklace for her birthday! If anyone gave it to me I would love it.

  39. Jay is like the best friend Abby ever had. I love his character he is so cute and it’s so romantic at the end of the movie when Abby and Jay dance together and also Jay actually gave Abby the most perfect necklace for her birthday! If anyone gave it to me I would love it. Also, I think in the movie when they go to buy a dress for Abby she asked him if Logan would like it and he was a little grumpy and that made me think of jealousy because I think Jay likes Abby and he was feeling good until she asked that/ So what I think of Jay is that he is kind at the point but a little jealous sometimes.

  40. My “jay” is amazing she is the bestest friend i have ever had! shes amazing talented and smart and i love her. her name is caroline. shes always there for me and even if we’re in seperate places we will always be there for eachother.

  41. i have a friend like jay in my school called momna v r 12 … she helps me when ever i need just like jay… i miss her when ever i go any where for a long time she just roxxxxx… just the best friend that only comes once in a life time!!!!!!! i am so happy that i foud her so early in 7th grade wish she stays with me till the end

  42. Yiana, I am sorry!
    When writing mine, I got very emotional too. No one understands what my friendship is like. If you read mine, you will probably get me a little bit. But not entirely.
    I didn’t ask to be the winner, I just simply entered. I didn’t expect to win.
    These bracelets do mean the world to my best friend and I. When I gave it to her, she was SO happy. We now wear them everyday!
    What I wrote came from the bottom of my heart. Obviously there was only going to be 1 winner. If you won and I didn’t, I wouldn’t get angry, because I still have my best friend.
    I don’t think you should shout at the person who judged the competition, because I’m sure they loved you entry.
    Many other people wanted to win also and they didn’t come on and say ‘I cannot believe you.’ They were happy for me because I got lots of replies on Twitter.
    Just please don’t be angry. There’s always other competitions that you can enter and then it will be your turn.
    Would you like it if someone said ‘I cannot believe you chose Yiana!’ when you were the winner? No, you wouldn’t. It did hurt me when I read your comment!
    That’s all I’m going to say!

    Oh and thank-you so much 16 Wishes my best friend and I ADORE our friendship bracelets and we cannot wait for the movie to come out in the UK! :)

  43. hi this is kadence your re the best ever i met yoou once you looked

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