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16 Wishes the movie

Vote for ME!

Dear Blog,

Today I started working on my campaign for Student Body President.  I presented my whole plan to Principal Smith and I think he was really impressed.  I had mock-ups of all of my posters, lawn signs, buttons and bumper stickers displayed for him on big white poster boards.  He just kept smiling and nodding and every now and then he laughed out loud and told me I was the only candidate on the ballot.

(Gasp!)  Do you think he was laughing at me?

Well, I don't care if he was.  When I do something, I do it perfectly.  So what if no one else is running?  My campaign is going to be totally professional.  It'll be good practice for the future.

"Krista Cook for President of the United States."

It's about time the White House got painted yellow.


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  1. it seems like a cool movie i’ll have to see it on disney channel

  2. hi christa soo cold you maby ask abby if she will write back?

  3. anaya lewis you could rent it on disney channle ondomand origial movies

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