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16 Wishes the movie

Oh Brother!

Sometimes I wish my brother would get lost.  I mean it.  Really lost.  Like in a forest or something.  One of those forests with trees that come alive to grab kids like him, then holds him until he cries like a baby and apologizes for every completely lame thing he's ever done to embarrass his older sister.

I know -- you think I'm being mean.  But you don't know what it's like to live with him!  He has this stupid toy guitar he got when he was 9 and he carries it around the house all the time.  At the most random moments, like when you're putting on mascara, he comes up behind you and does this ear-splitting rock star imitation making you shove that wand right into your cornea.

I had to wear an eye patch to Homecoming!

Now you know why I want him to get lost.  Not forever, maybe.  Just until my 16th birthday.  I don't want Duffus and his Toy Guitar Band to ruin my Sweet Sixteen party.

Maybe you have a sibling who drives you absolutely crazy.  Feel free to vent here.

Love you!

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  1. I seriously know how you feel, I have a sister. Two twin sisters who drive me crazy, like forreal. We keep fighting but i still kinda love her. Ew, I just said that. But yeah, I go all like “NO. THATS MINE.” or “GO AWAY.” and usually I keep going all like “UGH. I WISH I WAS THE ONLY LIKE CHILD OR DAUGHTER OR WHATEVER.” I wish she would just go to Antarctica and live with the polar bears. But I will miss her annoying-ness. Just saying. :P I seriously forgot what to type.

  2. I know how u feel. I have an older brother who turns 16 in July. He drives me absolutely crazy!!! The only good thing about him is that his best friend is awesome and is like an older sister to me and he promised me that when he gets hid license, he’s gonna drive me to where I wanna go. Other than that, I pretty much hate living with him. The worst part is that we’re three years apart so when I’m a freshman in high school he’s gonna be a senior and he says he’s gonna make my freshman year a living nightmare!! UGH!!! BROTHERS!!!
    P.S. can’t wait for 16 wishes to come out. It comes out on my 13th birthday!!

  3. My brother is annoying 2!!!!

  4. lol! I have a little brother too!:( Well I have to agree with you Abby. I love him though and sometimes he comes through for me

  5. sometimes my 2 younger brothers can be real pains, they can be good sometimes too though

  6. I know how you feel! I have 4 brothers… yes… four…. 3 younger & 1 older brother…. It’s not easy… my older brothers constant insulting and picking on me is so annoying! And my little brothers always fight for attention when a friend comes over… they always have to show out in front of them! I love my brothers, but sometimes they just get on my last nerve :/

  7. i totally understand how you feel. i have a brother who is two years younger than me. and oh my, he is super irritating! he can’t seem to stop annoying me with all his nonsense. he really gets on my nerves. he’s only nice to me when he needs anything from me; other times, he’s always rude. i couldn’t tolerate him! he would shout at me violently. i really want him to get the hell out of my life! ARGH. D:<

  8. yes abby, i certainly know how you feel also. I have two younger siblings, Michael (my brother) and Elena (my sister). They are both completely annoying though Elena is worse!! She plays Copy Cat, she doesnt know it but she loves to copy me big time!! WE HAVE TO SHARE THE SAME BEDROOM and its painful. Never pretend to cry to get away from her cause it doesnt work… My brother on the other hand is sometimes a pain. For example, he calls you over about something stupid that i dont really care about. See your not the only one with problems.. arrghh

  9. i dont have a brother but a sister and ahhh she just wants ti get jme in trouble and annoy me i knowhow you feel.

  10. sometimes my 2 younger brothers can be real pains, they can be good sometimes too though

  11. You posted this on my birthday!!!!♥

  12. I know how you feel Abby. :( Sometimes I do wish that I was an only child… MY LITTLE SISTER DRIVES ME INSANE!!!! She steals most of my stuff and tells her friends that they’re hers (she hides them afterwards!), she tells my secrets to everyone at school (How does she know???), she even makes my friends cry! How on earth could I live with her for the rest of my life? But then, on the other hand, I love her. <3 She helps me through tough times… I can't wait till 16 Wishes comes out!!!

  13. I know how you feel…. I have three little sisters that are constantly begging me for stuff or ordering me around. They’re moodier than I am, and I’m almost 13!
    But don’t worry, cause at the moment when you’re least expecting it, they’ll do something nice for you, whether it’s making your bed or giving you their hard-earned fortune for something you desperately want. ;)

  14. My brother broke my toe which caused me to be in a boot and then my knee dislocated making my PE teacher hate me

  15. i was an only child. but when I was 4 i HAD to have a little sister. i got a brother :P

  16. My 6 year old cousin Jake is probably the most annoying 6 year old on the planet. I know, he’s just a 6 year old but still. he does stuff like sing “i like to move it” repeatedly in the car when my family and i are driving somewhere. does that sound annoying? answer yes or yes. When I try to tell on him,I am ALWAYS the one who gets in trouble. And my cousin Evan is 4 years old and is annoying too. i can hardly ever understand what he is saying. he gives me a lot of stuff but he is annoying too. When i think of them, the first word that comes to mind is,GRRRRRRR

  17. Abby i know how u feel sister my brothers are 3 and 5 and they steal my stuff WHILE IM GONE SOMEWHERe or ASLEEP And the 5 year old is going to school and telling people bout me and i keep on telling my dad and he says that it just makes him look stupid going to school talikg bout dat mess and he teaches litttle kids in his class about gross stuff that you learn in 8th grade. And the 3 year old is a total Dork he Does the same as the 5 year old they are both dorks. And he steals EVERYTHING and i said when they get older They are gonna be locked up and jail and i aint going to spend my money to get dem out. And They Tried to Steal My 16 Wishes Bracelets That are Purple That Came in The mail on My b-day

  18. my brother does the same thing like when you walk in he runs from the living room to his bathroom when you walk in the house and then pops out and screams and scares you. he talks in this weird language to and you can’t understand you. he messes with my sisters ipod and hits the shut up button. when my cousin, maesyn is here they jump around in your room and wake you up. he also doesn’t let you hear the tv when something new you want to watch come on by screaming and yelling or he shoots you with toy bullets on commerical. he also does that at the oddest times. he watches spongebob to be stupied.

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