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16 Wishes the movie

Let’s See Some Creativity!

If you are visiting Abby's Blog, you are probably one of the many incredible

F-ar from

A-verage, and



Now let's see what you can do.  16 Wishes wants to see your best Acrostic about Abby, Jay, or anything else in the 16 Wishes world!  Post your poem as a comment on this page to win:

A Jac Vanek Bracelet for 16 Wishes!

Thank you Nanda for this AWESOME example from our

"A Jay for Everyone" contest!

J- just like jay
A- Alisha is awesome :)
Y- anytime i need her, she’ll be there! :)

**Thank you all for your entries, they were truly incredible!  Congratulations Summer, you are the winner!**

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  1. W – With a little hope, and a little luck
    I – I might Win a bracelet
    S – So close I can feel it on my wrist
    H – Heck, the movie will be great no matter what!

  2. A lways
    B ubbly
    B ut (apparently) not always 16
    Y ears old

    J okes
    A round
    Y et doesnt think A.B.B.Y.’s situation is funny

    W hat you wish for
    I sn’t always as it
    S eems so
    H urry and make things right!

    J ewelry
    A lways
    C an have
    V alue
    A nd
    N ever
    E ver disappoints fans ..remember that
    K ay?

    C ome visit me down on
    E arth but don’t mess up big time so i
    L ose my whole life like Abby! we all want some
    E xtra
    S pecial fairy (or
    T ooth fairy) magic
    E very day!

    Kill Abby! is what she thinks!
    R uin her party!
    I f she is better than me..she wont be..my
    S kill and
    T eam beat
    A bby any day!

    L ike so
    O MG…can I
    G ive him a present..maybe then he’ll
    A ask me out! but that would be just a silly
    N illy dream!

    M y life
    I s gonna be horrible because Abby is freaking out about
    K rista ruining her
    E ver so Amazing sweet 16.

    feel free to not PICK me because I already won the dress…but if you like it anyway…YOU CAN RETWEET IT : ) or just say that you like it..IF YOU LIKE IT! love you 16 wishes..16 days!!

  3. A- Abby has only a few minutes to make her life normal again.
    B- But the question is will she make it before the clock striks mid night?
    B- Being that she only has a few minutes she does everything that she can!
    Y- You’ll have to wait until June 25th at 8/7 ct to see what will happen!

  4. A- Amazing
    B- Beautiful like my
    B- Best friend Danii
    Y- You are both crazy!

  5. Celeste
    C- Charming
    E- elegant
    L- lovely fairy
    E- everyone
    S- should
    T- treat her
    E- extremely GOOD!

  6. This is…MAGICAL! Thanks Jessica!

  7. Great poem, and great friend! Danni and Abby are both very lucky :)

  8. This is great, thanks Carolina! We may use this later, so look out!

  9. WOW, great again Austen…thanks for doing these contests, and such a great poem! Hope you’re enjoying the dress!

  10. Thanks for the great poem Julia! We’re glad you’re excited for the movie :D

  11. Nice work, Alex! You’re a great poet, it was fun reading this :)

  12. Thank you Giuli, a beautiful poem for a beautiful girl! Glad you’re excited for the movie ;D

  13. Thanks for the poem, Morgan! We’re glad you’re excited for the movie and the Jac Vanek bracelets, there will be lots more to win!

  14. Great work Monica, you’re going to love the adult/childhood themes in 16 Wishes! Thanks for entering :D

  15. Thanks for the poem Ximena, nice work!

  16. Thank you Ashley and Chloe! This is definitely top 3, such a hard choice :-S

  17. Love this poem Sadiah, thank you!

  18. Thanks Debbyfan! Great poem, and even better enthusiasm for the movie =)

  19. Awesome job, Sandie! We may use this later as an example of an awesome fan poem, so look out!


  21. Just saying…that poem is awesome! Thanks Noni :D

  22. We think it’s the best movie too, thanks Allie! Great poem!

  23. No surprise that the 16 Wishes fans are incredible! Great job Allyse, thank you for doing the contests!

  24. Abby isn’t the only one that’s talented…fabulous poem Janet!

  25. WOW, this is such a great acrostic, Melissa. You did a wonderful job with this, it was a pleasure to read :)

  26. Thanks Giuli, another great poem :)

  27. Thank you for this poem, Kayla! We’re glad you’ll be watching 16 Wishes, you won’t regret it :D

  28. Thanks Janaki, a great poem that we LOVE!

  29. Thanks for they poem, Caetie! You did a wonderful job with this, and it was fun to read. Thank you (and your sis of course!) also for doing our contests, we hope your enjoying the prizes!

  30. Thanks for this poem, Siham! One of the best, how can we decide?!

  31. Thanks for this great poem, Ineke, and all of the continued support! Please keep taking part in the contests, you’re doing great!

  32. J- Just a normal guy
    A- And a great friend
    Y- Yet, has forgotten about his friend Abby


  34. Although I didn’t win, I was considered one of the best! SO.COOL!

  35. A- Amazing Girl
    B- Beautiful like princess
    B- Best friend Danii
    Y- You get the best of both world

    PLEASE,i would love to be the winner i have never won anything :(
    I have a heart problem and i had 12 open heart surgeries,I would love to meet Abby one day :)

  36. W ondering when wishes come true
    I s 16 wishes awesome
    S he says it’s so much fun
    H er life goes upside down
    E verything in her life is different
    S he is amazing

  37. D idn’t give up
    E veryday is nice
    B ecame famous through hard work
    B ailey is a charachter she plays
    You can count on her

    R espects people
    Y ou can look up to her
    A lways has beem talented
    N ever lets heer fans down

  38. A normal girl
    B ecame an adult at 16
    B eautiful
    Y ou can love her

    I really like Debby and I really would like to win! I’ve never won something from anything like this. ONe of my wishes is that I could see the premiere but I’ll be out of the country. Also if I win don’t expect to hear back from me until July.

  39. J ay is calm, and abby is crazy
    A bby loves celeste, who is never lazy
    Y ou just wait and see the movie

    K eep your eyes open, its so groovy
    E ven when abby gets a kiss
    P lanted from joey lockhart, now that you wont want to miss
    L eave the movie, you will leave abby
    E even her, she leave in a cabby
    R est i must, go take my nappy

    i reallly want to win!!!!!!

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