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16 Wishes the movie

What’s the Diff? Contest

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  1. Where do we show the differences? How do we tell u?

  2. The cards the broche the jacket the strap and the ear ring:)

  3. The writing on the card, the purse handle, the earring, the cardigan.

  4. and the broche

  5. The cards, the broche, the purse handle,the earring and the jacket.

  6. Week 4 – pic – the name on the card
    Week 3 – pic – she’s holding something in her hand
    week 2 – pic – the people behind Debbie

  7. I’m lost, how do you enter?

  8. The one with the lady and Abby:
    1. The pink fish on the shelf
    2. The lady’s earring
    3. The bottle think on the shelf
    4. Abby’s necklace is reversed
    5. The yellow shirt in the cubby hole

  9. The Awsome Diffs Are The Jacket Strap, The Broach, And The Earing.I Love 16 Wishes!!!!!!!!!!

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