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16 Wishes the movie

Open Eyes and Open Arms in Vancouver

Enjoy a snippet of @TheDebbyRyan 's new song, "Open Eyes" that she wrote with her brother, @TheChaseRyan. Debby met many fans during the filming of @16Wishes in Vancouver, Canada.  16 Wishes is premiering on Disney Channel Friday, June 25th 8:OO pm ET/PT.

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  1. I’m anxious to see this movie. I love Jean-Luc Bilodeau, I am his fan since he was in kyle xy!
    Unfortunately it will take a time to this movie come to Brazil =/

  2. This movie looks amazing x
    I hope the film does really welll for all of you x
    I love your acting debby in the suite life, and Jean-luc, to be honest i have never seen you in anything, by judging from clips from 16 wishes, you are an amazing actor, and hope to you and debby in other films xx

  3. is this the full song please answer and if its not please send me a link to the full song cause i wanna sing this to my cous tommorow

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