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16 Wishes the movie

PE hates me

Badminton is scary.  As is volleyball, softball and basketball. I am, admittedly, terrible at sports, but I particularly abhor games where an object hurtles toward you, threatening to put out an eye.

Jay loves sports and is naturally good at almost everything.  I think it's annoying to him that I duck when we play tennis instead of even trying to hit the ball.  Personally, I think ducking is justifiable behavior when a puke-yellowy orb made of carpet-covered ROCK comes flying at your face.  Jay says all I need is a good forehand.  I think I need hockey pads.

So, naturally, I hate PE.  And PE hates me.  Or maybe it's just Miss Duffy, the girls' gym teacher at my school.  I'm sure when she was my age she had bigger dreams than being a whistle-blowing tyrant.  Or maybe not.  Maybe she achieved her life goal when she got a job thinking up ever more painful ways for us to spend an hour of our young lives.

Jay says I'm the most unathletic person he's ever known.  Sometimes I wonder, if I was good at sports, would I like PE?  Would Miss Duffy and I become friends?  Would my quads stop burning after one stupid lap around the stupid track?

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong:  I think shopping is excellent exercise.

Love you!

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  1. I LOVE YOU DEBBY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and btw…i TOTALLY agree with you…shopping is excellent excercise…cuz you need to walk around the mall to get to places XD :)

  2. of course shopping is a exercise.
    bag carrying= weightlifting
    running around the shop buying stuff is exercise (duh)

    the only sport i enjoy is tennis, and it is quite realxing in the summer.
    you only should do thinsg that you enjoy, and if you enjoy shopping, you do it :)
    whatever makes you happy xxx

    Love Sophie Lou xx

  3. Abby, what are your 16 wishes? Can you post all of them? I need to know all 16 because I have kinda seen them but I can’t see the complete list. So, please post all of the wishes. Thank you so much!

  4. worse, ami I like sports, and is now the 2010 World Cup, I think Jay will go these days travel jaja.

    bye girl

  5. I have totally the same problem! I hate balls! THey go down with so much force, uhuh! When I try to get the ball it ends badly!lol:D

  6. ME 2! During P.E today a basket-ball almost wacked me in the head! O quickley doged it and let out a scream! After that almost everyone was starring at me! O.o

  7. Debby I am so glad u get to sing in this movie u sound so good ps skype me it’s sean

  8. um… i actually kinda like PE…. but sometimes it is tiring!
    don’t get me wrong… i don’t like every sport! i hate even watching football!

  9. i don’t like PE either and shopping is exersise because you need to walk to stores and hold shopping bags which is exersise

  10. i loved the movie you are so lucky that you got to be in this movie i really liked it im trying to figure out what the name of the guy wo plays logan in the movie im trying to figure out his name in real life can u help me by the way u are so pretty and i wish i could meet u someday also i learned to be careful what i wish for well bye debby ♥ u

  11. at least u beat krista in vollyball!!! and i agree with u shopping is excercise

  12. yor my favriote i love you debbby yay

  13. i mean i love you your cool and why you and cody brake up sad

  14. i like you your prettty how come jay didnt know you

  15. I agree 100% with you Debby. I have horrible depth perception so I am terrible at any games where the ball comes toward me. I am also only 4′8″ tall, or about as tall as the bottom white strip on a volleyball net. That doesn’t help matters any and I am going to be 20 in July.

  16. i love you u are like me always wanted everything to go right. :)

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