16 Wishes the movie

Debby Signing Out

Debby Ryan, @TheDebbyRyan, gives us a look at what happens after filming for 16 Wishes, @16Wishes.  Early to set, late to leave, all the day in the life of Debby Ryan, Chase Ryan @ChaseRyan, and Jean-Luc Bilodea @vancityjeanluc!  16 Wishes is premiering on Disney Channel Friday, June 25th 8:00 pm ET/PT.

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  1. I just love this i been on here for 24 hours>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> thats how much i luv it!:) i saw the hole movie n i thought it was soooooooooo fantastic.

  2. so did i :D by the way debbie ryan is my sister in real life :D and i love her

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