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16 Wishes the movie

Jay’s 16 Wishes

Abby has this list of 16 Wishes she hopes will come true when she turns 16.  I'm only four months younger than her, so I started thinking it's time I came up with my own Wish List.

Here goes.  When I'm 16...

#1 - I'll have a cool car, preferably new, preferably fast.

#2 - I'll drive Abby around in my new, fast car.

#3 - I'll get courtside basketball tickets for me and Abby.

#4 - Maybe I'll try out for football.

#5 - Maybe Abby will come to a football game to watch me play instead of Logan.

#6 - I'll do something impressive and important, like...not sure yet.

#7 - I'll convince Principal Smith to put foosball tables in the lunchroom.


That's all I can think of right now.  Ideas?  Thoughts?  Commentary?


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  1. You should wish to go on an exciting vacation, with your family, and Abby’s family

  2. Well, there are still 1 year and 5 months … I was born on November 6, 1995 …

    I also think of some …

    1st A motorcycle
    2nd A journey to England [to travel from Brazil to England is not easy]
    3rd Maybe try to play football ['m horrible]

  3. How about meeting your favorite actress Debby Ryan
    Score the winning points to win the school championship
    Becoming the BMOC

  4. Theres still a whole 2 years to think of this for me….i was born in 1996…….

    What i’m hoping for is…
    1) A whole new stash of books
    2) A meeting/chat with Debby Ryan(pretty much impossible,she lives in USA, i live in Singapore. Way toooooo outta league to go pop in for a chat…)
    3) Singapore to allow 16 year olds to drive…

  5. Jay, I think one of your other wishes should be to go out with Abby. I mean, come on!
    You two would be perfect for each other! Just a suggestion but keep an open mind
    about your wishes, ok?

  6. like Julie said, wish for Abby to go out with you. or wish for Abby to be your girlfriend!!

  7. Oh jay, its so obvious u like Abby! One of your wishes should be this: becoming Abby’s boyfriend! u two make a really good couple. So…Go For It!

  8. i think some one is in love

  9. Wish 4 Abby 2 be yur girlfriend!!!!! ;) We all kno yu love her. :) She likes yu bak… so make it official! :)

  10. wish for abby to be your girlfriend

  11. its so obvious you want to be class president and abbys boyfriend put those on your wishlist

  12. i love this moive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jays hot (; and I love himm i wish he was my boyfriend lol..<3 hes sexy

  14. jay is awsome…when i look at his gorgeous face i see all the emotions!if i can have a chance to chat with him it would be the happiest day of my life!!!

  15. lol hahaha with all my hart

  16. You should wish to have the girl of your dreams a faithful loyal beautiful perfect girl

  17. Jay your so cool and your extreamly cute :)

  18. I love you jay hope we could ever be close friends and even become more than close friends and you such a good actor you love you

  19. Jay is so cool he’s really cute I love you ;)

  20. I am now 15. still about 10 months on the list of 16 wishes! In Russia, this does not organize), ah … sad …

  21. Jay is just so cool :-) The ‘Ask Out’ to Abby would be a preferable idea.
    Enjoying time together will make your relationship more stronger :)

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