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16 Wishes the movie

“Invites are in the Mail”

You've now seen the trailer for 16 Wishes, Debby Ryan's music video for "A Wish Comes True Everyday", and even the invite from the movie!

Now it's your turn to show the world what you can do!  Share your plans for a 16 Wishes Premiere party (you can comment here, or even upload a video to YouTube!), and you could win!  The grand prize is a signed BTS pic of Debby Ryan and a REAL box of Celeste's magic candles from the filming of 16 Wishes...how great will those look on your next birthday cake?!

**Thank you to all who told us about your AWESOME plans for 16 Wishes Premiere Parties!  Congratulations to our winner, Chasney!**

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  1. the movie was awesome

  2. I love the movie. I really want to win the candles so can yall vote for me. I love Debby Ryan. She is pretty. The movie was absolutely incredible.

  3. I would buy tons of decorations, send odd, but cool invites out, make sure everyone has a great time, get a great music playlist, buy the best outfit, and do anything to make it the best Sweet 16 ever!

  4. i would buy the birthday candles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hi abby jensen i really want your birthday candles for magical come ture so i can make this perfect night. thanks. my name is katheryn rose sullivan. i like to be a winnner for birthday candles. thanks. my birthday is in spetmber 4th that day i was born in 1987.

  6. hi abby jensen i really like birthday candles i can make a whis thanks.

  7. my birthday is on setpmber 4th in 1987 that i was born.

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