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16 Wishes the movie

Mind Games

Debby Ryan, @TheDebbyRyan gives us a behind the scenes look at filming for 16 Wishes, @16Wishes.  Check out the movie June 25th @ 8/7 central on Disney Channel to see if the scene made the cut!

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  1. can you tell me what scene this was so i can look for it?

  2. Movie was awesome luv it so much.

  3. i love divey rayyn she work in the site life on deak

  4. hi abby i loved that show i wish it was on evrey night kiss kiss love ellie

  5. hi this is debby thankyou will you plese give me a call soo i can meet you call at 801-754-1348 or 801-754 3896 we li8ve in texeas adress 90w23n

  6. I luv it sooooooooo much! Debbie your AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  7. i love this movie boi

  8. i love that movie and debby ur the best i always wanted to meet u

  9. cool movie. I like it better than Zapped.

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