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16 Wishes the movie

Anna Mae Gets Pranked

Watch Anna Mae Routledge react to the shenanigans of Debby Ryan (@TheDebbyRyan), Keenan Tracey (@KeenanTracey), Karissa Tynes (@MissKarissaT) and JesseReid (@JesseReid99).  Filmed by writer Annie DeYoung. 16 Wishes (@16Wishes) will premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, June 25 at 8/7 central.

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  1. I can’t believe you did that because it would take you a long time to get them out right?

  2. OMG!!!! It was So funny when she said bad ballon and she sat on and made them bust i bursted out laughing so bad that my Eyes Water

  3. Lol so funny if it was me I would be like balloons yea and through them up and have a balloon party!!!!

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