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16 Wishes the movie

I am Switzerland

When I was a freshman, everybody tried to tell me the importance of immediately picking my "clique."  For the those of you not yet in High School, it's pronounced "click" and it means a group or set of people with a common interest.  Our first day of freshman year, Abby and I identified some of most obvious cliques:

The Athletes

The Fashionistas

The Band Geeks

The Brainiacs

Once you identify yourself with one of these groups, it's hard to switch.  So I decided to steer clear all together and develop friendships with everyone.  I have friends in band, friends in football, friends who play chess, friends who dance, friends who wouldn't be caught dead dancing...friends who should rethink a few of their favorite dance moves because of how ridiculous they look doing them (that means you, Abby).

I guess I'm just not interested in taking sides.  I like staying neutral.

Someday, that's all gonna pay off.


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  1. “I like staying neutral.”
    Is always good to have different friends!

  2. I’m a band geek! :D I have lots of different friends :D

  3. i like being friends with everyone

  4. i love having diffrent friends but my sister Debby ryan is my best friend and i love her!!!

    love You abbs :D


  5. i love 16 wishes the movie!
    i love derby ryan- shes amazing, i want to meet her because i love to act and i go to an acting school !
    one daya when im older i want to be famous and be on TV :)
    please please please can i meet you derby, and i want to show you that i can act, sing and dance!!
    get back to me soon thanks xxxxx <3

  6. that is a really good comment.I love 16 wishes too a lot.Debbey Ryan stared in it and she is a really good actor in the movie too.I wish I was like her because I love you closthes and her hair and I love her hair color to much. I love blond hair but my hair is black and brown

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