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16 Wishes the movie

Cel’est la vie Contest

We all want our wishes to come true, but have you ever granted another person's wish?  Tell us about it!  You could win a REAL PROP from 16 Wishes.

Just respond in the comment section, contest ends June 24th!

**Thank you to all who told us about the wishes you have granted--they were TRULY magical!  Congratulations Jordan, you won Abby's piggy bank from the set of 16 Wishes!**

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  1. Okay so I’m not sure If someone wishes this but..

    At the beginning of this year I started volunteering at my local humane society, partly because I love animals, and partly because I wanted to get my own cat there, and I thought what better way to know a cat that I like there than to volunteer! and so I had volunteered there for some time and I had grown to like a certain cat named Mittens, who, by the way was the first cat who walked up to me there,(Incase your wondering they have this room where the cats can run free, thats why Mittens walked up to me) after a while I finally decided to adopt her, but I couldn’t get her for a while because I was going to be gone for the next few weeks and I didn’t want to have to make her stay home by herself in a strange place. So after those weeks were up I could finally adopt her! now I know that this sounds like that I’m granting my own wish, but Mittens had been there for a whole year! that is a very long time for a cat to stay there, and they(the staff) were probably thinking that no one was going to adopt her, and they were probably wishing that she would get adopted, then I came along and granted that wish by adopting Mittens! and I’m soo happy I did, I love my kitty:)
    That was my wish granting story hope you liked it :)

  2. i have a best friend who was a guy and a best friend who is a girl and the girl liked the guy so every night at 11:11 she would was she could go on the perfect date with him so…. i went and i set up the most beautiful dinner at a park i put up white lights, roses and lilys all around also some sparkling grape juice and there favorite dish and i was there server ohh and i got wine glass and it was on a wedding balcone it was so romantic you should have seen how they looked at each other it was truly love but then 5 years later they where still together but she had to move he cryed for 2 months really all he did was sit on the couch all day but then i bought them both a computer comunicater and they’ve been talking ever sence such a happy couple well thats my story hope you liked it bye,

    hope you get what u want.

  3. Earlier this year my best friend got sick over the weekend and she wanted a day of pampering and fun. Her mom had to work from home and had to much to do. She was so disppointed so she called me to talk. She told me all about her pampering wish… Thats when I got my idea. I called Caitlyn’s (my best firend) mom to make sure my idea would be perfectly fine with her. My idea was to go to the movies and watch a cheer up film, then go out to lunch, go get our nails done, and top it off with some shopping and ice cream!!! My mom and I arrived at Caitlyn’s house to pick her up and she was sooo happy. It felt good to cheer Caitlyn up. We were having the best time that the experience would offer us. It was wonderful being with my best friend and doing some of our fave things. The whole time we were out Caitlyn had this expression on her face that made her glow, she seemed untouchable and sooo estatic. It seems crazy but it’s true. It was finally time for Caitlyn to head home and get some rest, after all she was still sick. Caitlyn couldn’t stop thanking me enough for making her blah day into a life of a pampered princess. I told her she deserved everything we did today. It is amazing how just granting someone’s tiniest wish can be so special! :D

  4. when my friend was turnin 16 she wanted a big party but her parents didnt have that much common sence of what she likes. So I got all of her favorite things and dercorated her backyard with everything . I also invited all our friends and everyone from our school. She was so suprised and happy. I got a professional nail painter person at the party for the girls who came and her because she LOVES getting her nails done. I also got a cake that was huge. Another thing i did for her that day was dercorate her room and get all of her favorite snacks and candy and all of our bestfriends slept over and we stayed up all night talkin , playin truth or dare , swiming in her pool, watchin movies, and prank calling people. We also made her feel like a princess. She still havent stop thanking us and its been a year. I was just so happy she got what she wanted. =)

  5. I love 16 wishes I dying to sees it in my country. Sorry English No good. Me like movie so much today i think of way for time pass bye so me can sees movie. Awesome no wait Out night Adios, Todos vo voy a llamar mi papa??? HAHA adios, Ferreo Del Monto Parias

  6. this one time i wanted a wishing wand to make all of my wishes come true but i need a prop from 16 wishes. love the movie!

  7. One time I granted my mom’s wish because my dad was going to get some food from somewhere and he asked me and I said Olive Garden and that was exactly what my mom was thinking! That’s how I granted my mom’s idea. [ it was kind of a wish.] I hope you saw this. Bye Debby.

  8. I really wish I had 16 wishs.. :( to bad I don’t, If I did… I’d wish to be someone on disney channel, debby ryan was new, and look at her, She’s in a super famous movie!!! :D

  9. Oh, now I see what the contest is…..
    Ok, so one time, I saw my bestest buddie shopping. so I went over and talked to her, and we chatted for about 5 minutes. Then finally I asked “Whens your birthday?” It happend to be in two months, so I asked her what she wanted and she said nothing much, so I threw her a party and she liked it, so her wish came true :) yay!

  10. i am going to enter soo abby/debby how many brothrs to you have in reall life and sisters what is your home nembe

  11. Well my friend loved the suite life on deck so she wanted a DVD frome the show & she kept asking for it & i found it at a store & gave it to her i felt fuzzy!

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