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16 Wishes the movie

A Brother’s Rebuttal

Have you read my sister's blog?  I just found it online, under the oh-so-creative title "Abby's Blog" and I feel the need to set the record straight:

I do NOT carry my "stupid toy guitar" around "all the time."  Just in the morning when I'm feeling particularly creative.  And late at night when the freshman blues hit me hard.  That's when I write my best songs.  Abby only hears the goofy ones I sing when I'm messing around or just want to torture her.  (I am her younger brother, after all.  It's in my contract.)  But I really do want to be a singer/songwriter/recording artist/major rock star, and right now that guitar is the only thing I have that makes me feel like I'm getting close.

Someday I'll be old enough to get a job and make some bank for the axe of my dreams.  Until then, I'll proudly bear the name of "Duffus and his Toy Guitar Band."

Hey...great idea, Abs.  I think I'll start a band!


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  1. Mike,
    You’re super hot! And dont worry I’m POSITIVE you’ll be a rock star!!! Besides you shouldn’t feel as if girls see over your head, if they do they dont know that they’re passing up on meeting a great guy =) Love, Susan ♥

  2. i love this movie it is my favorite movie in the worlld!
    i wish that when i turn 16 i will get to make my 16 wished come true!
    i already have my 16 wishes down!
    PS i think that Jay is so cute

  3. yes u do carry your guitar everywhere so dont tell that big lie mike

    Bye bye

    Sara and Abby

  4. you are very two faced :(

  5. Mike You did Make A Band At the end cause you were singing at krista and abbys party when they became friends :D

  6. :) good i know abby will be surpries

  7. yeah.. well you made a band! :J

  8. well just joined a band @gree!!!!!!!!

  9. hi my name is jeanelle and i really love your movie…. sometimes i wish fairytales are true…:)

  10. Hey what is up

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