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16 Wishes the movie

Terror in the Parking Lane

No, that's not the title of a new horror movie.  It's my life.  Why is my life full of terror, you might ask?  Two words:

Driver's.  Education.

AKA Driver's Ed.  Specifically, Driver's Ed with Abby Jensen at the wheel.  It sounded like a good idea at first.  Abby and I are both car crazy.  She's partial to red vehicles and I always look at the blue ones, but we're both totally excited about turning 16 and getting our driver's licenses.  So naturally, we signed up for Driver's Ed together.

And then she got behind the wheel.

Terror in the Parking Lane.  And the Passing Lane.  And the Right Turn Only Lane.  I hope her parents let her practice A LOT before she gets her license.  In an empty parking lot.   With no obstacles of any kind within a mile or two.

Gotta run.  Today we're learning Parallel Parking.  I think I'll keep my eyes closed.


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  1. You think Abby’s a crazy driver? Just wait until you see Celeste drive! haha.

  2. take “HELMET”, protection is always important!

  3. I’m sure she’ll get the hang of it, we are all horrible when we first learn to drive… well i’m still learning but i’m pretty good at it.
    after a while it’s not much exciting you know
    but anyway watch out she just might become a better driver than you :P
    lol goodluck.

  4. what is your really name i think u are way hot and that is no joke ugh i would flip if i met u wow that would be the coolest i love u! =)

  5. I love Jay in the movie :) hes so cool and cute too. Hes like my best friend Matthew in a way

  6. i think loagan is cuite

  7. i think abby is cute

  8. Jay u r like so hot

  9. Omg jay u are so cute i love ur smile someday i would like to meet u…
    But as always thats just a dream but one i know i will meet u even if all tje girls say i wont <3-sarah with love
    And,may always God Bless U

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