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16 Wishes the movie

Happy Birthday Jean-Luc!

Back at ya, Jay. Happy Birthday! Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Debby Ryan star in 16 Wishes which airs on the Disney Channel, coming soon to a retailer near you on November 16! Check out details on the Special Edition DVD (or Blu-Ray) packed with interviews, a video for "A Wish Comes True Every Day" and an amazing 16 WIshes SURPRISE.

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  1. hi abby i called you you were not home kiss kiss

  2. hi abby im having my sweet 13th partty culd you bring jay and bring if you can come apple pie kiss kiss

  3. hi abby….
    do you know where addi’s comment is???
    it would really help…..
    well ummm thx?


  5. hey abby i really love that show and whaen it is your birthday i reallllllly hope you have a super fun one .hey abby do you live in calofornaya if you do lukey cuse weare i live burr i bet its hoooot well i better go hope you write back love Ellie

  6. hi abby i love ur movie. i wish i was brave enough to go an sing infront of an audience . i have been commented by many people. ANY ADVICE I WUD GLADLY USE IT:)

  7. Abbbbiiiii…..How was your 16th year birthday like in real life? And how old are you now exactly? Send your answers to ma mail…

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