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16 Wishes the movie

Tour Abby’s Room

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Who are You?

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Abby thinks she's Celeste, the birthday fairy!


Happy Birthday Jean-Luc!

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Back at ya, Jay. Happy Birthday! Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Debby Ryan star in 16 Wishes which airs on the Disney Channel, coming soon to a retailer near you on November 16! Check out details on the Special Edition DVD (or Blu-Ray) packed with interviews, a video for "A Wish Comes True Every Day" and an amazing 16 WIshes SURPRISE.


Help us get nominated for a People’s Choice Award!

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Hey 16 Wishes fans! The People's Choice Awards are coming up, and 16 Wishes isn't on the list for Favorite Family TV Movie! OH NO!

We need your help! Head to the People's Choice Awards website and write in 16 Wishes! You can vote more than once, so let's help get Abby, Krista and Jay the nomination they deserve!

Vote here: http://www.peopleschoice.com/pca/nominations/vote.jsp?pollId=110031

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Party Prep

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Ever since I was little, I've been dreaming of my Sweet Sixteen Party.  When I first started talking about it to my mom & dad, let's just say they weren't as excited as I was.  Actually, my dad wasn't even listening, which is really annoying.  It was probably my fault though.  I should know better than to attempt any form of human communication with him while he's doing something competitive.  He's very focused when he wants to win.  Even when I was 5, he played a serious game of Go Fish.

Anyway, he perked up and got interested when I said I was paying for my party with my own money.   So today my mom & I are going shopping for decorations.  We're going to light the whole backyard with twinkle lights, and we're getting a helium tank so we can have dozens of ballons everywhere.

My Sweet Sixteen Party is going to look totally magical.   I can't wait!

Love you!



Meet Abby and Jay

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Abby Jensen (Debby Ryan) and her BFF Jay (Jean-Luc Bilodeau) introduce themselves before gym class.


My Favorite Things

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I like my bedroom.  It's the one space in the universe I get to fill with my favorite things.  Everything in my room means something to me -- except for some of the pink things.  When I was in fifth grade, I made the mistake of telling my mother I liked pink.  For about three years every gift from every friend, relative and total stranger was, y'know...really PINK.  Don't get me wrong, I like pink -- but let's not go crazy.  I mean, there's a whole rainbow out there!

Anyhoo, here are some of my favorite things:

my furry green pillow

a pic of me and Jay taken at my 7th birthday party

my dollhouse

my multiple posters of Joey Lockhart (swoon!)

a years' supply of my fave sugarfree gum

a pic of my beloved ex-cat, Mr. Tickles

my alarm clock I bought for fifty cents at a garage sale

my bunny slippers

Someday, I'll redecorate and my furry green pillow will go the way of the dodo.  But a few things will always go with me wherever I live.  They mean that much to me.

What do you have in your room that you'll always treasure?

Love you!



PE hates me

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Badminton is scary.  As is volleyball, softball and basketball. I am, admittedly, terrible at sports, but I particularly abhor games where an object hurtles toward you, threatening to put out an eye.

Jay loves sports and is naturally good at almost everything.  I think it's annoying to him that I duck when we play tennis instead of even trying to hit the ball.  Personally, I think ducking is justifiable behavior when a puke-yellowy orb made of carpet-covered ROCK comes flying at your face.  Jay says all I need is a good forehand.  I think I need hockey pads.

So, naturally, I hate PE.  And PE hates me.  Or maybe it's just Miss Duffy, the girls' gym teacher at my school.  I'm sure when she was my age she had bigger dreams than being a whistle-blowing tyrant.  Or maybe not.  Maybe she achieved her life goal when she got a job thinking up ever more painful ways for us to spend an hour of our young lives.

Jay says I'm the most unathletic person he's ever known.  Sometimes I wonder, if I was good at sports, would I like PE?  Would Miss Duffy and I become friends?  Would my quads stop burning after one stupid lap around the stupid track?

I mean, correct me if I'm wrong:  I think shopping is excellent exercise.

Love you!


Young Abby and Krista Goofing on Set

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Young fourteen year old Abby Jensen (Debby Ryan, @TheDebbyRyan) goofs around with Krista Cook (Karissa Tynes, @MissKarissaT) in this special behind the scenes look at 16 Wishes (@16Wishes) which will premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, June 25 at 8/7 central.


Parents from Another Planet

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Sometimes I think I'm adopted.  Ted, my lab partner from freshman bio, is adopted.  Nobody knew because he never talks about it and he looks EXACTLY like his parents.   Really.  You know that website where you can take two people's pix and do this digital mashup and come up with what their child would look like?  If you did that with Ted's mom & dad, you'd get Ted.  Glasses & all.

One time I did that with pix of me and Logan but the baby was kind of unattractive so I deleted it.

With me and my parents, it's crazy -- we look kind of alike, but emotionally and everything, we're completely different.  I'm not even sure we share any DNA -- except the basic stuff that makes you a human instead of a chimp,  I don't even think we speak the same language.  Sometimes when I talk, they just stare at me, like I just switched to Swahili or something.  Occasionally, they get it when I speak slowly enough.  It's exhausting.

That's why I made it one of my 16 Wishes.  When I'm sixteen, my parents will finally understand me.

A gal can dream.

Love you!


Oh Brother!

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Sometimes I wish my brother would get lost.  I mean it.  Really lost.  Like in a forest or something.  One of those forests with trees that come alive to grab kids like him, then holds him until he cries like a baby and apologizes for every completely lame thing he's ever done to embarrass his older sister.

I know -- you think I'm being mean.  But you don't know what it's like to live with him!  He has this stupid toy guitar he got when he was 9 and he carries it around the house all the time.  At the most random moments, like when you're putting on mascara, he comes up behind you and does this ear-splitting rock star imitation making you shove that wand right into your cornea.

I had to wear an eye patch to Homecoming!

Now you know why I want him to get lost.  Not forever, maybe.  Just until my 16th birthday.  I don't want Duffus and his Toy Guitar Band to ruin my Sweet Sixteen party.

Maybe you have a sibling who drives you absolutely crazy.  Feel free to vent here.

Love you!


My BFF is a guy

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Girls are fickle.  (Love that word.  Rhymes with pickle.  Heehee.)  One minute they loathe you but change your shoes to some designer brand and they cuddle right up.  That's why my best friend forever is a guy.

Jay Kepler.  The most loyal, constant, dependable, sometimes dorky friend I could ever have.  We have fun no matter what we're doing.  Just last week we laughed ourselves sick while simultaneously studying for a history test and baking chocolate chip cookies.  Or maybe all the cookies we ate made us sick.

Just because we're best friends, doesn't mean we share everything.  He can't stand the color pink and I can't stand that t-shirt he wears that says "Save the Muskrat!"  But he has other fine qualities that make up for his lack of fashion sense.

He plays a mean game of foosball and never just lets me win.
He's good at sports but doesn't let them take over his life.
He texts me in the morning just to say hi.
He'll stay on the phone with me all night if I'm feeling sad.

He's awesome.  I think I'll keep him.

Love you,


I <3 Logan Buchanan!

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I've decided to make an addition to the dictionary.  I'm pasting a pic of Logan Buchanan next to the word "dreamy."  And "perfect."  And "hot."  And maybe  "blathering idiot" because that's what I turn into every time I see him.

Logan Buchanan is the finest male human I have ever laid eyes on.  I've been totally crushing on him ever since sixth grade when my mom made me take saxophone lessons.  Do you know how heavy those things are?  The case alone weighed more than I did!  So it was inevitable that I'd be lugging that behemoth to the band room (which, insanely, is in the basement of our school) and trip and fall and land right on top of Logan.

I chipped a tooth and looked so ridiculous I pretended to be sick so I could stay home for three days.  I finally wore my dad down with a barrage of begging and tears so he'd pay to have the dentist fix it.  When I came back to school with my shiny new tooth, Logan actually noticed.

I stopped playing the saxophone.

I never stopped loving Logan Buchanan.

I think I'll make him one of my 16 Wishes.

Love you!


Meet my neighbor, Krista

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I want to be excited.  I really do.  My 16th birthday is getting closer and it's supposed to be the most perfect, amazing day of my life.  And then I think of Krista Cook.  GRRR!!!

Krista Cook is my mortal enemy and I don't even know why.  When we were 7 years old, she suddenly decided to ruin my life.  It's ALL she does!  All day, everyday, she lives to torture me!

And then, every year around this time, it gets worse.  Because Krista Cook and I have the same birthday.  You heard me:  we celebrate the day of our birth on the exact same day!  We're both turning sixteen and we're both planning Sweet Sixteen parties and I just know she'll do everything in her power to ruin it for me.

It's so wrong on so many levels.

I wish some Birthday Fairy would just come along and zap her.

Love you!


Abby’s 16 Wishes

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Hey everyone!   I am SO excited.  Summer is coming and that means IT'S ALL BEGINNING! The official countdown to my 16th birthday, which I affectionately refer to as The Best 16th Birthday in the History of 16th Birthdays!

My name is Abby Jensen -- or as my name will appear on my new driver's license, Abigail Louise Jensen.  EEEEeeeeee!  I can hardly wait to drive and have freedom and privacy and all the other things I wrote down on my Wish List.

I started it when I was 7 and it's taped to the inside of my closet door.  "Abby Jensen's 16 Wishes."  Sixteen very specific wishes I'm hoping will come true as soon as my big day comes. My brother Mike says I'm delusional to dream so big, but he has no idea what a girl like me is capable of.

I hope you'll bookmark my blog and check back for updates on my plans for my Sweet Sixteen party.  My best friend Jay is going to be there.  He's a total sweetheart and I know you're going to love him.  I've invited some really amazing people too, like Debby Ryan and Jean-Luc Bilodeau (such an awesome name, right?)

I've got SO much more to tell you, so stay tuned.

Love you!  Abby