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16 Wishes the movie

When does Debby Make a Wish?

Debby reveals when she likes to make a wish. For more wishes, watch 16 Wishes! Our Special Edition DVD is in stores for a limited time.


Krista’s Happy Dance

Krista (Karissa Tynes) practices her happy dance. What do you wish for? If its your own copy of special edition limited availability 16 Wishes DVD or Blu-Ray, you are in luck!


Debby Explains 16 Wishes

Debby Ryan explains 16 Wishes, which airs on the Disney Channel December 14 at 8pm EST/PST. The special edition DVD is out in stores for a limited time with extras like interviews, the video for "A Wish Comes True Everyday" and 16 Wishes Collectible bandz. Get your copy or one for the Disney fan in your life!


What does Jean-Luc WiSH for?

Leading man Jean-Luc Bilodeau tells us what he wishes for. If you are wishing for your own copy of 16 Special Edition DVD, let Santa know it is available in stores NOW! Happy Thanksgiving!


Be Careful What you Wish For

Has Debby ever regretted making a wish? Is your wish to own your own copy of 16 Wishes Special Edition DVD? Available at Target, iTunes, & Amazon.com!


Debby Shares about Abby

Debby Ryan introduces us to her character, Abby Jensen, the main character in 16 Wishes. You can own a Special Edition DVD or Blu-Ray, rent or digital download the Disney Channel Original Movie today!


Debby’s Sweet Sixteen

Debby tells us about her own sixteenth birthday party. Today you can get your own copy of 16 Wishes! Available at Target, iTunes, Amazon.com, and RedBox.


The Birthday Fairy Dance

If you have been wishing for your own copy of 16 Wishes, your wish can come true Tuesday Nov. 16! Download, rent or buy your own copy for your home video collection!


Behind the Scenes with Debby

Debby Ryan tells us about shooting the first scene of the movie, 16 Wishes, and recording the song "A Wish Comes True Every Day." The Special Edition DVD includes the video, as well as interviews and 16 Wishes Collectible Bandz and will be in stores & RedBox on Tuesday, Nov. 16!


Why Watch 16 Wishes?

Debby and Jean Luc tell us why they think you will enjoy watching 16 Wishes! The next air date is this Thursday, Nov. 11, 2010 at 8pm EST, 5pm PST. Enter our video contest and 5 finalists will win the Special Edition 16 Wishes DVD complete with 16 Wishes Collectible Bandz! Visit our web site for contest details at http://16wishesthemovie.com/contests.


Tour Abby’s Room


Who are You?

Abby thinks she's Celeste, the birthday fairy!


Happy Birthday Jean-Luc!

Back at ya, Jay. Happy Birthday! Jean-Luc Bilodeau and Debby Ryan star in 16 Wishes which airs on the Disney Channel, coming soon to a retailer near you on November 16! Check out details on the Special Edition DVD (or Blu-Ray) packed with interviews, a video for "A Wish Comes True Every Day" and an amazing 16 WIshes SURPRISE.


Take a tour of Abby’s room

Abby gives you a tour of her room.

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“It’s a completely true story”

New behind the scenes footage from 16 Wishes.

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“Strawberry & Vanilla Fool!”

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“Excellent Tackle Technique”

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Anna Mae is ROCKIN DA VAN!

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“All up in mah FACE!”

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Brenda and Debby Shum’n Shum’n

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Debby and the Stallion!

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Top Model!

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Party Time!

One last glimpse at the cameras rolling during a party in @16Wishes with @TheDebbyRyan. Don't miss the premiere on Disney Channel June 25th, 8/7 central!


Outta My Face

@TheDebbyRyan has a little fun during filming of @16Wishes. Don't miss the premiere on Disney Channel June 25th, 8/7 central!


Anna Mae Delivers the Mail

Anna Mae Routledge, @OfficialAnnaMae is interviewed by Debby Ryan @TheDebbyRyan, while preparing for another exciting scene for 16 Wishes, @16Wishes, premiering June 25th 8/7 central on Disney Channel.