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16 Wishes the movie


Visit these retailers to order YOUR Special Edition of 16 Wishes now!

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The Special Edition DVD* is packed with interviews, the music video for "A Wish Comes True Every Day" and a special 16 Wishes Collectible Bandz!

*Sorry, only the DVD contains the 16 Wishes Bandz, not the Blu-Ray

Click Here to Order the DVD Click Here to Order the Blu-Ray

Click Here to Order the DVD  Click Here to Order the Blu-Ray

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  1. I love those bracelets. I can’t wait to see the “16 Wishes” movie!!!

  2. I love the bracelet!! ♥ follow me! @LuuliF

  3. I’m brazilian and I loved the bracelet… I’m just sad I can’t buy it (’cause I’m brazilian). Xoxo

  4. I want one! I just turned 16:)

  5. OMG!!! i am going to buy one of these pictures. :D

  6. Im turning 16 soon. Is on 9/14/10.

  7. it is so cute and simple at the same time i love it !! :)

  8. Omg Debby/Abby. Your sooo Pretty.
    i wish you were my sister<3
    im your nummber one faan.
    & those Bracelets are sooo Cuute(:

  9. cool this bracelets

  10. Wow! Cool! Kinda like the miley and mandy show bracelets! COOL!!! Love them! You rock Debby! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  11. l love everything about this the show, the website, Debby, Jean-Luc, and the bracelets!

  12. My daughter sent Debby some our Friendzip
    Bracelets…it would bless my daughter to see her wear them! She was just so excited to send them to her!

  13. Can’t wait to watch 16 wishes. :) ♥♥

  14. I love the braclet!!

  15. I love the bracelets. They’re sooooo cute!!!

  16. Team abby! :) <3

  17. I can’t not wait to see this movie! I bet it’s going to be awsome!!!! :)

  18. Soooo cute Debby!!
    I think this movie will be hit! Like “Camp rock”!

  19. i want to see camp rock 2 the final jam but i rather see 16 wishes cause ur in it

  20. I cant wait they’re finally making a movie with Debbie Ryan

  21. the more we hear about the movie the more intresting it is, counting the days DEB YOU ROCK.

  22. I <3 Debby Ryan she is my role model!!!

  23. Debby/Abby you are the best actor I have ever seen! Those bracelets are soooooooooo cute so is your outfit!!!

  24. these bracelets….wanna wanna wanna have them!!!!OK i do an acrosticon just for fun…

    A wesome
    B irthday
    aB bys wishes
    reallY come true

    i like acrosticons. they´re funny.and iz brain training lol
    Debby you´re the best!You´re amazing!

  25. I need the dress or I’ll ask my dad to get the horse and take me to the ranch to get my own horse or I will have him grab the tractor and take me to the store in LA and get my bank acount and give em like 3,000 bucks did I mention we live in texas.SO I WON’T GET THE DRESS I am tired I’ve been doing this ever sense I could hold a pen and spell.1 year old and 17 now.please give me the dress because it’ll stick out fine.YOU ROCK I WILL DO ANYTHING TO MEET YOU IN PERSON I WOULD EVEN DRESS UP AS GOOD AS POSSIBLE MAYBE I COULD GET A TAYLOR TO SEW ME A DRESS IT WOULDNT BE HARD AT ALL 3,000 BUCKS OH PLEASE GIVE ME THE DRESS.

  26. I LOVE The bracelet i would LOVE to win it sooooooooooooo much <3 I cannot wait for the movie to COME out :D

    Debby i love you xx

  27. I want the wishing candles seen in the movie where can i get them?

  28. I love the bracelet! I want to buy one!

  29. The bracelets are adorable! I want one sooo badly! =) And Team Abby all the way!

  30. I Love The Wishing Candles From The Movie!!!!!!!I Love Debby Ryan as My Awsome Rolemodel and Idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I Am Sooooooooo Exited For 16 Wishes

  31. i cant get any of this stuff cos i live in australia :’( ;”(

  32. A-dorable 16 year old
    B-eautiful abby jensen
    B-ecause im her 1 fan
    Y-our special ,abby

  33. i love Debby/Abby i can’t wait for the movie this Friday your biggest fan

  34. If I had a wish like a husband and a dream wedding Dresess I want have my won wedding

  35. Hey can anybody please tell me where to get the wishing candles for the movie and i am not a loonitic

  36. jay is just soo beutiful he’s just’s soo cute he’s like an angel

  37. I love to help people especially people who need some magic in there lives. Like this one time i made a dream come true. My little sister who is 6 wanted a party theme of royalty so I made some paper crowns and arranged balloons and the cake and goodies, She loved it so much and I was glad to help. And no this was not asked of me..

  38. Hello there you have been invited to a 16 wishes premiere party there will be glittery star shaped candles, we will have ultra comfy chairs, yummy popcorn and before we watch the movie we will write down 1 wish put it in the Magical Fairytastical box, then we get to sit down munch on popcorn and drink soda while watching 16 wishes on a big screen television , Thanks Safi

  39. i can’t wait to see the movie! go team abby!

  40. I am sooo on team abby my friends and i r sooo excited to c the movie my friends all have crushes on Jean- Luc

  41. I Love Abby. I love every think from the 16 wishes Movie. I can wight to see it.
    who ever is in the cast I Love you so much
    my name is Kaylie Arthur I am 19 & I am on chemo ok . I told Debby when I talk to her the I am on chemo. I am a big fan of her. I Love her so much. I told her that I want to meet her & Miley.
    I Hope I am on team Abby
    Abby is play by Debby .
    please right me back ASP I would Love too hear back from you on my Facebook.

  42. I can’t wait to see the “16 Wishes” movie!!!


  43. its cominqq on today

  44. today is my sis birthday oooooooooooooooo she is so happy that 16 wishis is coming in her b-day

  45. these are cool i’m downloading some

  46. i saw the movie already on dineys on demand. anyway i love that stuff!!!!!!

    Debbie Ryan ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. i cant wait to see it. i know it will be the best because debby is in it. =]

  48. Hey there Abby(Debby Ryan),i just stopped by to look at your stuff and ask you a few questions.#1.how did you become famous cuz when you did you were a big hit?#2.Could you give me some tips on how to become famous because it has been my dream ever since i was 2.

    Thx 4 your time,
    Tori grace p.s i cant wait to see your movie.

    Debby Ryan,you rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. i just saw it 700

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