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16 Wishes the movie

16 Wishes Scavenger Hunt Raffle

Congratulations Rae, our drawing winner!

Thank you to all who did this TOUGH scavenger hunt, you should be so proud! Out of thousands of people who come to the site daily, only a few found all of the answers!

Here are the answers:

1. What is Abby’s middle name? Louise

2. What was the name of the dress boutique? Aimee B

3. Celeste loves pepperoni and _ pizza. Pineapple

4. Name on the side of Celeste’s van: Bugs-B-Gone

5. Logan Buchanan isn’t just the quarterback, but in the _ Club as well! Drama

6. To which song did Debby Ryan, Chase Ryan, and friends. do a remix? (Hint: Check the Video section of Abby's Blog) Airplanes

7. Who said "I got pranked" in one of the Behind the Scenes videos? Jean-Luc Bilodeau

8. Where can you find exclusive 16 Wishes Tshirts, BFF jewelry, and more? Borders

9. In Jean-Luc Bilodeau's interview on the 16 Wishes Borders.com page, he says he would wish for a _. Ferrari

1O. This is Debby Ryan's song for 16 Wishes, and there's even a music video for it now! A Wish Comes True Everyday

11. Name of the Charity receiving a portion of sales from the purple Jac Vanek 16 Wishes bracelets sold at Borders and Borders.com: rock CAN roll

12. In what kind of a shop are Abby and Jay in their video on the 16 Wishes YouTube Channel? Cupcake

13. On the 16 Wishes Myspace, you can hear the songs "A Wish Comes True Everyday" and _. Open Eyes

14. This tasty treat company is one of the 16 Wishes "Favorite" pages on Facebook. Rita's Italian Ice

15. For the latest news on contests, behind the scenes pictures, video, and much more, sign up for the 16 Wishes _. Birthday Club

16. In the movie 16 Wishes, you learn to "be careful what you _ for". Wish

Check out other fans' favorite parts of the movie in the comment section!

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  1. I love the film it is great!I don’t have a favourite 7art,I like it all!!!

  2. make own list i like abby nice dress get the movie buy this one for me ok see you later

  3. I love the film it is great!I don’t have a favourite 7art,I like it all!!!

  4. Moi j’adore le collier BFF j’aimerais trop avoir le même pour ma meilleure amie et moi mais je sais pas ou l’acheter :(

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