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16 Wishes the movie

Krista’s Happy Dance

Krista (Karissa Tynes) practices her happy dance. What do you wish for? If its your own copy of special edition limited availability 16 Wishes DVD or Blu-Ray, you are in luck!


Party Prep

Ever since I was little, I've been dreaming of my Sweet Sixteen Party.  When I first started talking about it to my mom & dad, let's just say they weren't as excited as I was.  Actually, my dad wasn't even listening, which is really annoying.  It was probably my fault though.  I should know better than to attempt any form of human communication with him while he's doing something competitive.  He's very focused when he wants to win.  Even when I was 5, he played a serious game of Go Fish.

Anyway, he perked up and got interested when I said I was paying for my party with my own money.   So today my mom & I are going shopping for decorations.  We're going to light the whole backyard with twinkle lights, and we're getting a helium tank so we can have dozens of ballons everywhere.

My Sweet Sixteen Party is going to look totally magical.   I can't wait!

Love you!



True Confessions

I believe the world is divided into two types of people:  people who like surprises and people who don't.

I don't.

I don't like surprise parties, surprise quizzes or desserts with the word "surprise" in them.  I just think most things are better when they're totally planned out.  By me.  For me.

That's why every year I give my parents a Birthday Gift List. I don't mind if they don't give me everything on my list.  I'm not greedy or anything.  I just think it's better for everyone concerned if they get me exactly what I want.

I try to vary the List from year to year, throw a few fun little "impossibles" in there just to make them chuckle.  Like when I was nine, I asked for a pony and a trip to Paris.  I was joking about the pony.  They, unfortunately, thought I was joking about Paris.

So this year I only put one thing on my Birthday List.  One thing that would make my 16th Birthday better than Abby Jensen's 16th Birthday.   But I'm not going to tell you what it is.  Somebody has to be surprised around here!

Fingers crossed!



Anna Mae Gets Pranked

Watch Anna Mae Routledge react to the shenanigans of Debby Ryan (@TheDebbyRyan), Keenan Tracey (@KeenanTracey), Karissa Tynes (@MissKarissaT) and JesseReid (@JesseReid99).  Filmed by writer Annie DeYoung. 16 Wishes (@16Wishes) will premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, June 25 at 8/7 central.


Music Video Fun

Behind the scenes look at the filming of Debby Ryan's, @TheDebbyRyan, music video for "A Wish Comes True Everyday".  Don't miss the premiere of 16 Wishes, @16Wishes June 25th, 8/7 central on Disney Channel!


Copy Cat

Dear Blog,

Today Abby Jensen came to school dressed exactly like me.  Actually, her outfit was a really cheap knockoff of mine and everybody totally knew that.   It must have been so humiliating for her.  Score!

I live to humiliate Abby Jensen so it's a real time-saver when she does it to herself.  She's been doing that a lot lately.  I think the closer we get to our 16th birthdays, the more desperate she is to enjoy it.

Last Tuesday in homeroom I heard her talking to Jay Kepler about how she wanted her 16th birthday to be -- and I quote -- "the best birthday in the history of 16th birthdays!"

Give me a break.  Her birthday is going to be totally forgettable.  Mine, however, will be so awesome some cable show will want to film it and launch my new TV career.

That will really drive Abby Jensen bonkers.  Score again!


Karissa Introduces Krista

Karissa Tynes, @MissKarissaT, introduces herself and her character Krista Cook on the set of 16 Wishes, @16Wishes. Don't miss the premiere on  Disney Channel June 25th @ 8/7 central!


Young Abby and Krista Goofing on Set

Young fourteen year old Abby Jensen (Debby Ryan, @TheDebbyRyan) goofs around with Krista Cook (Karissa Tynes, @MissKarissaT) in this special behind the scenes look at 16 Wishes (@16Wishes) which will premiere on Disney Channel on Friday, June 25 at 8/7 central.


Vote for ME!

Dear Blog,

Today I started working on my campaign for Student Body President.  I presented my whole plan to Principal Smith and I think he was really impressed.  I had mock-ups of all of my posters, lawn signs, buttons and bumper stickers displayed for him on big white poster boards.  He just kept smiling and nodding and every now and then he laughed out loud and told me I was the only candidate on the ballot.

(Gasp!)  Do you think he was laughing at me?

Well, I don't care if he was.  When I do something, I do it perfectly.  So what if no one else is running?  My campaign is going to be totally professional.  It'll be good practice for the future.

"Krista Cook for President of the United States."

It's about time the White House got painted yellow.



Debby introduces Karissa

Debby Ryan @TheDebbyRyan introduces Karissa Tynes @KarissaT in this special behind the scenes look at 16 Wishes @16Wishes which will premiere on the Disney Channel on Friday, June 25 at 8/7 central.


Yellow, My Love

Dear Blog,

I love the color yellow.  It's such a sunny, happy color.  It's the color my whole world would be without Abby Jensen in it.

For my 12th birthday, my mom let me decorate my room the way I wanted it.  (Abby was sooooo jealous!   Score one for me!)  My new bed had a big yellow canopy over it and all the pillows and everything were covered in yellow flowers.

When I wake up in my wonderful yellow bed in the morning, for just a moment I forget that I'm going to have to see Abby Jensen that day and I smile.  Then I hear her annoyingly cheerful voice coming from her driveway across the street and my smile drops.   It's instantaneous!  I can't help it!  Just knowing I'm going to have to occupy the same school district with her makes me suddenly feel like I did when I was 8 and my double scoop of lemon chiffon ice cream fell into a mud puddle.

I wish Abby Jensen would move.  To Iceland.



Krista’s Sweet 16 Blog

Dear Blog,

I'd much rather be writing "Dear Diary" but since my actual diary went missing last week, I started this blog instead.   If you're reading this and you're the one who STOLE my diary, GIVE IT BACK right now and I'll THINK about not making you PAY for what you've done.

If you're reading this and your name is ABBY JENSEN...stop reading.  Now.  I mean it.

No, wait.  I take that back.  Read away, Abby!  I want you to know exactly what I'm planning for my 16th birthday next month.  Oh.  What's that?  It's YOUR 16th birthday too?  Well, guess what?  NO ONE CARES.  My birthday is going to RULE and yours is going to fade away like that bad smell coming from the locker room last week.

To Everybody Else:  I know you think I'm being really hard on Abby, but if you only KNEW the real story, if you only KNEW what she did to deserve how I feel about her, you'd understand my point of view.  Just wait.  Someday the truth will come out.

Until then, my Sweet 16 Party is going to be awesome and you're all invited.  I'll post more info soon!

Krista Cook

Your Future Student Body President